Thursday, December 30, 2010

Organic lotions and potions.Hocus pocus or does it really work?

A quick look at organic (beauty) care products : showergel , soaps, bodylotions, shampoo, balms, daycreams, deodorants, make up, toothpaste...and medicine

First off, what do i consider organic: products from organic farming, not geneticly altered, not tested on animals, containing no synthetic preservatives, no sodium laureth
sulfate, aluminum compounds or parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl, benzyl, butyl)

Well-known organic brands are: Weleda ( the best i.m.o ), Lavera, Urtekram, De traay/Badger and dr.Hauschka

I've tried out different products and compared them to regular products you can buy at any store + some professional products like bodysol ( showergel from pharmacist ) and
tigi bedhead (hairdresser) / medicines (weleda products vs the pharmacist )
This is what i found out
I'll start with something we all use especially during winter: bodycream / i tested: nivea, Neutrogena norwegian formula, weleda coldcream
The test: 2days of winter-bike-rides without gloves results in swollen, red and dry hands
i put on a thick layer of nivea.I.t stings like hell!
Nivea helps for a while put after a few days it starts to miss its effect.
Neutrogena works perfect but is,like nivea, not so gentle to the skin.
My coldcream on the other hand is very gentle and has the same effect like neutrogena it also smells very nice :)
Shampoo: i used herbal essences,tigi bedhead: brunette goddess, urtekram shampoo lavender.
Herbal e. smells very fruity and does a great job at keeping my hair fresh and clean
Tigi is way better! although it's full of ' bad' ingredients it keeps my hair shiny and nourished
urtekram is not animal tested and organic, those are the only positive aspects.
It dries out the hair very badly!You can't really smell the lavender
Soap and showergel: weleda pomogrenade , de traay rosemary and thyme, bodysol, and melkmeisje vanilla
all are pretty good but if you have a very sensitive skin i think the organic soaps and those from the pharmacist will do better
toothpaste: oral-b pro expert , weleda touthpaste
organic tooth paste = bad idea ! your teeth look 'dirty' and you have'nt got that fresh mentol breath, i can only horror at the long term effect!
deodorants: fa without parabens spray, urtekram no perfume deo roll
fa works for a longer period (24h), urtekram only lasts a few hours
but fa is less pleasant to put on
make-up : i do not wear/buy it often so this will be a very quick look o: dr.hauschka (used in the store because:very expensive!) vs biocura stuff from my mom.both are gentle on the skin and last pretty long
medicine: weleda arnica , weleda calendula, eucalyptus inhaler drops vs the pharmacist's products
arnica ( bruises..) and calendula ( skin conditions sunburn..) these products work very well
weleda eucalyptus was not a real succes the pharmacist's nosespray was way more effective

Organic products are sometimes very expensive but the certainly DO work
if your concerned with animal welfare this is definitly an option for you, the people with sensitive skins as well

What i advise against are the toothpastes
you only have one set of teeth so you shouldn't experiment
paradontax is a good alternative , not animal tested as i checked and is available with fluoride.

Rub Rub those creams!


  1. Hi!
    Where you found information about that Paradontax is not animal tested? Can you share link or something?
    Manufacturers of it (GSK) do test on animals, because they make some vaccines and other medical stuff what requires animal testing.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi dancegreen
    It was on the PETA list.
    It's hard to find a decent toothpaste that is not animal tested :)