Friday, January 7, 2011

New year's resolutions

My best wishes to all of you!
may this year fill your heart with joy,warmth and lots of love.

like so many of you i've made the balance of the past year
I'm pretty content and very pleased with all the little efforts i made
making the world a better place.
The little droplets of water became a pond but there's still loads to be done untill i get my ocean! So get busy :)

The brilliant highlights:

After 5 years, millions of fingerpointing and nasty comments i'm still a proud vegan.Hurray!
I got my lovely mr Bizou rescued from the shelter as planned.
Living eco in Ghent and loving every moment of it
The bike~still my main way of transport + took the train to go on holiday
Helped out friends and strangers in need
a smile doesn't cost a thing_ my new motto

...and some shadows

I still drive a polluting car
Don't compost
Why am i so jealous??
ate a few unhealthy /unethically foods ,oh god why! damn you flavour enhancers.
Found out supermarket-bread is not vegan o_O
Got upset about stupid materialistic things...( so glad we're not building a house right now)
after being spoken to several times on the street i didn't support a good cause
and i know 'them not all money takers' i could buy more oxfam products or donate to the shelter

Things i shall do or try to do this year

Take an enlightning holiday as eco as possible
follow yoga/mindfullness/ meditation/vegan cooking classes
Support a good cause
Buy a car on green power
not stress to much about silly things
start painting again or doing something equally creative
Abandon my television.

That's all for now.Goodnight

Marlie xXx :)