Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Wow, okay ... so here we go : the first post.

my name is Marie, but friends call me Marlie (:
I live in Ghent and share a cosy appartement with Bonesnack and our cat : mr. Bizou
we rescued him from an almost certain death at the shelter.
really want to adopt a playmate for him but we lack the space.

i love to cook and prepare yummy vegetarian dishes, making pies and cupcakes...
although i don't like cleaning up afterwards but bonesnack is very understanding

Love to dance ..just freestyle in the bedroom, with hoops or poi's outdoor, on the wii :l
my music taste is a total mishmash depending on my mood of the day
i could have a metal day, a shiny happy people day but what i like the most is worldmusic and reggae. Oh and i also realy love the fleet foxes!

crazy enough... i love my job very much
i work at an organic/vegan children's daycare centre
there is still lots to be done but it's starting to work out just fine

i enjoy creating things like stories, paintings ,taking pictures, clothing, little movies, little short 'i love you' notes

what i adore most are the small things in life like a smile , the sunrays on my face

the earth beneath my bare feet, the smell of rain , snowflakes! , a glass of cool water, pretty flowers and ferns! i could go on and on but for now i feel it is enough

kisses and hugs

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